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Pastor's Note


January 22nd, 2023

“Good and bad days, we should continue to praise the Lord” 

     As you have gone through the week, I hope you have been encouraged knowing that what you thought were broken promises are really just promises in the making. It would be foolish to say that some days, when the promises seem to be slipping away, that the hard emotions with it just go away. Life seems to always find a way to hit us in our weak spots. How do we navigate through these dry patches? Just like King David, through the good and bad days, we should continue to praise the Lord. Worship is declaring how good God really is, so let’s not just go through the motions. The promise keeping God is always worth acknowledging! While the people, hardships, busyness, etc. all try to take us away from that acknowledgement, let's never forget that it's God who deserves our most intentional focus. We may say that life is unfair, but what could be more unfair to the Lord than for His greatest creation to run away from Him? Run to the Lord, He wants to keep you safe (Prov. 18:10). He wants that intentional acknowledgement from you, which He absolutely deserves. In the midst of craziness, find a time to be unhurried with the Lord. Acknowledge the promise the Lord has made for you in this season of life.  

- Jake Curl

Leadership President

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