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Phil Claycomb
Head Pastor

A Little About Me

I grew up in Kansas and Missouri... a preacher's kid - or actually worse - a church planter's kid. My first memories of church are of a brand-new church my parents started outside of Topeka KS. Those early memories shaped my impression of God. I envision Jesus as being a smiling, active, innovative, constantly changing, and intentionally surprising individual. Those early memories were more firmly established by my second church home... a church in Joplin MO that aggressively and creatively reached out to hurting people.

I graduated from Cincinnati Christian University in 1987, having completed my undergraduate degree as well as two Master's degrees. It was there that I met Barb - to whom I have been married for 31 years. We have two children: Megan (27) and Zachary (25).

Barb and I cut our teeth in ministry in the suburbs North of Chicago. We moved there in 1987 to start a new church. We stayed in the Chicago suburbs for 13 years, starting two churches, and leading each through the process of giving birth to a daughter church. In 2001, we headed west for California. While in California we ministered through Stadia: church planting strategies and designed the Leader Care system that provided coaching / mentoring / training / and community to church planters all over the country. We moved to Texas in 2006 and started Nexus: church planting leadership. I direct Nexus and it allows me to do the types of things I love: starting new things; solving problems; forming teams; teaching; and coaching & mentoring leaders. It was while in Texas that I completed my doctoral studies through Fuller Theological Seminary.

My interests involve networking... I enjoy meeting new people! I also spend a good deal of time connecting with their leaders to talk shop. Barb and I also enjoy working on our home... and doing small repairs and upgrades. When I don't have anything I really must do I usually relax by reading or watching sports... the Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

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