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Phil Claycomb

Head Pastor

A Little About Me

I grew up in Kansas and Missouri... a preacher's kid - or actually worse - a church planter's kid. My first memories of church are of a brand-new church my parents started outside of Topeka KS. Those early memories shaped my impression of God. I envision Jesus as being a smiling, active, innovative, constantly changing, and intentionally surprising individual. Those early memories were more firmly established by my second church home... a church in Joplin MO that aggressively and creatively reached out to hurting people.

I graduated from Cincinnati Christian University in 1987, having completed my undergraduate degree as well as two Master's degrees. It was there that I met Barb - to whom I have been married for 31 years. We have two children: Megan (27) and Zachary (25).

Barb and I cut our teeth in ministry in the suburbs North of Chicago. We moved there in 1987 to start a new church. We stayed in the Chicago suburbs for 13 years, starting two churches, and leading each through the process of giving birth to a daughter church. In 2001, we headed west for California. While in California we ministered through Stadia: church planting strategies and designed the Leader Care system that provided coaching / mentoring / training / and community to church planters all over the country. We moved to Texas in 2006 and started Nexus: church planting leadership. I direct Nexus and it allows me to do the types of things I love: starting new things; solving problems; forming teams; teaching; and coaching & mentoring leaders. It was while in Texas that I completed my doctoral studies through Fuller Theological Seminary.

My interests involve networking... I enjoy meeting new people! I also spend a good deal of time connecting with their leaders to talk shop. Barb and I also enjoy working on our home... and doing small repairs and upgrades. When I don't have anything I really must do I usually relax by reading or watching sports... the Cowboys and the Texas Rangers.

Notebook and Pencil

Pastor's Note

April 4 , 2021


Today we celebrate the validation of Jesus' claims, teachings, and identity. When God raised Jesus from the dead, and he appeared to many, God backed up Jesus' claims. Jesus had made startling claims: that he was a pre-existent and eternal being, was One with God, was God's Son (His equal), and that he was the long awaited Jewish Messiah-Christ-King. It's one thing to talk big - it's another to back it up! Well, the empty tomb - his resurrection - and his subsequent appearances "backed it up!"


And so we have a gospel we gospel! We have good news to share.

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